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How Do Laundry Sheets Work?

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Laundry sheets are a great alternative to traditional detergent liquids and capsules for anyone looking to make their laundry routine environmentally friendly. With convenience in mind, laundry sheets make washing a breeze – an Ocean Breeze!

Not only are they convenient to slip into your washing machine, but they are also convenient for the environment. They use less chemicals, water, and even packaging – making them the eco-friendly solution to cleaning your clothes.

But how do laundry sheets work?

How do my laundry sheets work to clean my clothes?

Swap your liquids and capsules for a laundry sheet – with the same great cleaning effects, but in a smaller package. We all know liquid detergent comes in direct contact with the clothing and capsules slowly dissolve to release the gel inside, but how do laundry sheets work when we can’t see any detergent inside?

What are the laundry sheets actually doing when they are closed inside your machine? Well, here is an insight into the tumble life of a laundry sheet.

  • The product – When you open your box of laundry sheets, you will find small, flat products that resemble paper. These are your laundry sheets and the new way of adding detergent to your laundry. Simply add a sheet, or two, when you’re loading your laundry and let your washing machine do the work.
  • Dissolving – When inside, the water will start to dissolve the paper. This will make the water saturated in the detergent ensuring your clothes get a good clean as it spins.
  • Interacting with fabric – As the water and drum move, the cleaning agents in the water will work their way through your fabrics and help to lift the stains, spills, and sweat. Some laundry sheets also include fabric softeners to improve the feel of your clothing.
  • Adding a scent boost – With My Oceans, you have a choice of adding the Ocean Breeze scent or leaving your laundry sheets fragrance-free. This allows even the most sensitive skin to stay safe with our products. If you opt for scented laundry sheets, your clothes will come out smelling fresh!
  • Rinse – As your spin cycle continues, your machine drains the water with the cleaning agents and replaces it with fresh water. This will help rinse your clothes and remove any residue or cleaning agents left behind. After a few rinses, your clothes will be clean and fresh.

Laundry sheets work with your standard wash cycle and don’t stick to clothing. There is no worry about finding half a sheet left behind as the water dissolves it. Placing your sheet at the top or bottom of the drum can help the water reach it.

For buying laundry sheets one time or subscribing to regular deliveries, see here.

What are my laundry sheets made of?

Laundry sheets are commonly made from polyvinyl alcohol for cleaning and thickening agents to create the signature paper-looking product.

At My Oceans, our eco-friendly laundry sheets are made from only seven ingredients. These are Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate, Glycerol, Decyl Glucoside, Betaine, Fatty Alcohol Polyglycol, Poly, and Trisodium Citrate. All of our ingredients are plant-based and toxin-free, meaning that they are both kind to the environment and your skin.

How do my laundry sheets work to help the environment?

Not only are our ingredients plant-based and toxin-free, meaning that they don’t pollute the environment, but they also help the environment in other ways.

Their convenient size and shape mean that they are easily packaged and sent straight to your door. Our packaging is plastic-free and compostable. This means that you can put it straight into your compost bin once you are done with it.

Standard liquid detergents use unnecessary water while laundry sheets don’t. This makes them better for conserving water use, without compromising a great clean. And with our laundry sheets, you can wash your clothes at 30 degrees and still experience the same fresh feel from your clean clothes.

Since our laundry sheets are dissolvable, they go into your washing machine and don’t leave any residue or product behind.

How do I use laundry sheets?

Using laundry sheets is easy! Simply put them into your washing machine as you are filling your drum and put it on your normal cycle. The water will dissolve the product and help clean your clothes.

So, all you need to do is sit back and watch the sheets work their magic.

How many laundry sheets do I need for them to work?

Every laundry sheet will have a set strength. Here at Oceans, our eco-friendly laundry sheets are tough on stains to meet the same standard as your traditional detergents, without being tough on the environment.

But depending on your load size, you might want to add more laundry sheets.

A singular laundry sheet is plenty when it comes to your standard daily, or weekly, laundry load. Simply pop it in your drum and press go!

But if you are washing a bigger load, or something especially dirty or with tougher stains than expected, then two laundry sheets can be used.

If you’re washing bulky items like your bedding then you might want to add three laundry sheets into the mix, to give that added cleaning and scent boost deep into the fabric.

To see our commitment to the environment and the impact we’re having, see here.

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