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Can Guinea Pigs Play With Toilet Paper Rolls?

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Finding cheap and fun ways to keep your pets entertained can be simpler than it seems. In fact, you might have just what you need lying right next to the toilet bowl! Your simple toilet paper rolls could be the answer to keeping your guinea pigs healthy, entertained, and happy.

Can guinea pigs chew on toilet paper rolls?

Yes, guinea pigs can chew on toilet paper rolls and it is safe. Toilet paper rolls are not toxic for guinea pigs or hamsters, so feel free to give them a little treat using your old toilet paper rolls or even make a toy out of them if you’re feeling a bit crafty.

Can guinea pigs chew on cardboard?

Guinea pigs can chew on other items of cardboard, so if you have a box lying around after a delivery, it is safe to put some of your guinea pig’s favourite snacks and toys inside and let them have some fun with it! This can give them a new environment to enjoy without the worry that they’ll be unwell if they start to chew on the corners a little.

Is cardboard good for guinea pigs?

Yes, cardboard – including your old toilet paper rolls – can actually be good for your guinea pigs. Not only can it offer them some mental stimulation but by letting your guinea pigs chew on cardboard, you are giving them a non-toxic way of grinding down their teeth, helping them keep their dental health at its best! Their teeth are always growing so giving them something to help wear them down is always a great choice.

Keeping your guinea pigs entertained and happy can be difficult, especially if they are alone. This is why they need something that sparks their interest, whether that is a new toy they’ve never seen before or a playmate. Your used toilet rolls could be the answer to that bit of stimulation your guinea pig needs to start playing again.

Ways to use toilet paper rolls for your guinea pigs

One way to treat your guinea pigs with a toilet paper roll is by stuffing it with hay – they will love this and if you can hide an extra special treat inside, it can keep them occupied for a little. Remember, if you have a particularly small guinea pig, to cut a slit in the side of your toilet paper tube to make sure they don’t get their head stuck inside.

You can cut small holes in the side of a toilet roll tube and fill these with some of your guinea pig’s favourite snacks too – such as apple slices – to keep them entertained for longer as they work out their favourite treats.

You will want to make sure to remove any glue and toilet paper from the roll before giving it to your guinea pig. While toilet paper isn’t toxic for guinea pigs, you don’t want them eating excess amounts of it. If you notice that your toilet paper roll is overly chewed or soiled, it is time to swap it out for a new, fresh, toilet paper roll.

Are they having fun with toilet paper rolls – why not treat them to a kitchen paper roll too?

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