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The Great Toilet Paper Debate: Fold, Scrunch, or Roll?

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What’s the proper bathroom etiquette once you’ve had a number two? Is it to scrunch, fold, or roll the toilet paper? We’ve conducted a survey to uncover the answer you never knew you needed.

So, when asked “do you – fold, scrunch, or roll your toilet paper?”, folding emerged as the champion, with a whopping 70.3% of people on #TeamFold, followed by scrunching with 15.9%. The rolling squad, well, they rolled in with 13.8% of the vote.

What’s the difference?

Ever pondered the intricate art of toilet paper manipulation before a bathroom visit? Some folks just grab and go, while others ignite passionate debates about their superior TP techniques. It’s a wild world out there!

According to experts, your average Joe needs a modest eight to nine sheets per restroom rendezvous. But, here’s the kicker: what sets apart the folders, scrunchers, and rollers in this toilet paper showdown? Let’s unravel this bathroom enigma, shall we?

Fold – The Neat Sheets

#TeamFold advocates are known for folding toilet paper into neat squares, creating a soft and cushiony experience in their hands. It’s all about those perfectly crafted sheets for these folding enthusiasts.

Scrunch – The Scrunch Bunch

If you’re a scruncher, you’re the type to give that toilet paper a good scrunch in your hand, firmly clutching the pile before it does its job.

Roll – The Quirky Cousin

The rolling method is the quirky distant cousin of the folding. It’s similar, but the method involves wrapping the sheets around the hand before doing, well, you know.

This debate has been getting people flushed for years! The folders don’t understand the scrunchers, and the scrunchers don’t understand the folders. The rollers are somewhere in the background, struggling to unlock the bathroom door.

Although most respondents did indeed choose fold, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right. Let’s play devil’s advocate and explore the advantages of each method.

Pros: Folding

Now, let’s dive into the charming world of the neat sheets! If you strike up a conversation with one of these fine folks, be prepared for an animated discourse on why folding reigns supreme. They’ll tell you it’s all about that silky-smooth, masterfully controlled wipe that pampers your posterior to the max. And the cherry on top? You save a tree or two by using fewer sheets! Plus, there’s the nifty option to give it a second fold if your derrière demands it. Talk about versatile TP tactics!

Pros: Scrunching

The scrunch bunch are hard to ignore. Scrunchers often brag about benefits that include a more thorough wipe (for increased cleanliness), speed (scrunching is quicker than folding, to be fair), and further protection for your fingers in the extremely unfortunate event of a tear.

Pros: Rolling

Hey, 13% of people is still 13% of people; there must be some method to their madness! Potential benefits of rolling the toilet paper include more control and precision, greater surface area, and even usage of toilet paper.

Is there really a ‘right’ way?

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, your bottom is uniquely yours. How you choose to tackle this is a fun (and admittedly, quirky) debate that has piqued people’s interest for years! We can clearly see the merits of each approach, so it’s hard to definitively declare one as superior to the other.

As long as you feel comfortable, clean, and confident – and as long as you’re using environmentally friendly, plastic-free toilet paper – you’re doing what’s best for you. Whether you prefer to fold, scrunch, or roll to your heart’s content, it really doesn’t matter. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to this, so go with what feels right for you. (But we all agree it is folding, right?)

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