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Party with a purpose: The Ultimate Checklist for a Eco-Friendly Festival Experience

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Glastonbury Festival is renowned for its music, vibrant atmosphere and, of course, sustainability initiatives. Every year, organisers strive to make the festival greener and more eco-friendly. Whether you’re a seasoned festivalgoer or a first timer, this ultimate checklist will ensure that you have a sustainable Glastonbury experience. From reusable water bottles to compostable cutlery, it’s time to party with a purpose!

Starting off with some top tips from Glastonbury themselves…

As well as their green pledge, Glastonbury has provided some do’s and don’ts that can help them protect our environment and the future of the festival…


✔️ Use the on-site toilets as urinating in rivers/on land can contaminate the local water supply, killing wildlife.
✔️ Use the recycling bins by placing all of your litter and waste into the correct bins.
✔️ Take your tent and equipment home with you. Nothing should be classed as disposable, please buy something that is built to last.
✔️ Bring reusable water bottles as these can be filled for free at all of their taps and WaterAid kiosks across the site.


❌ Don’t waste water. Use it responsibly by turning the taps off.
❌ Don’t waste items unnecessarily, please only bring and use what you need. Make sure to clean up after yourself!
❌ Don’t bring environmentally damaging items such as disposable vapes or non-biodegradable body glitter. (Glitter is especially bad for the environment!)
❌ Don’t bring in glass or other prohibited items such as paper lanterns as this can cause fires or harm the animals that live on the land.

You can find the full list on their website alongside all you need to know about how they’re green.

Our top five sustainable items that every festival goer should pack…

#1 Ditch the single-use food & drink packaging
With a little bit of preparation, you can easily avoid contributing to the huge amount of waste created at festivals every year. Here is a quick list of items; reusable water bottle, reusable pint cup, compostable cutlery, and a cloth tote for any shopping you may do.

#2 Washable flannel
Cheap, disposable wet wipes have long been a festival staple. However, these festival essentials can be damaging to the environment. Eco-conscious festival goers should bring an alternative such as some washable facecloths or flannels instead. They’re reusable, gentle on the skin and you can take them home and wash them after.

#3 Organic soap
Hygiene at festivals is sometimes overlooked but a small bar of soap can go a long way. Many popular brand soaps contain synthetic chemicals that might be hazardous to the environment. Organic soap is made from natural components and does not emit hazardous toxins or poisons.

#4 Ethical wellies
Wellies are another ‘must-have’ for festivals! You can buy eco-friendly options that are made with sustainably sourced rubber, which, unlike most types of synthetic rubber, can be recycled.

#5 Sustainable toilet roll
Heading to a festival is like stepping into a magical world filled with music, laughter, and… let’s face it, not-so-charming toilets. But fear not, intrepid festival-goer! You can bring a touch of eco-friendly whimsy to the loo with sustainable toilet roll. It’s the ultimate festival hack that keeps you clean, green, and ready for whatever nature throws your way. No more panicked searches for toilet paper or resorting to leaves (ouch!). With your trusty sustainable roll in tow, you’ll be the envy of every porta-potty patron. So, pack your festival essentials and don’t forget the hero of hygiene – your eco-conscious toilet roll.

A bonus tip from us…

You can buy a recycled stainless steel pint cup that is made of food grade, 80% recycled British stainless steel. These cups can be bought at any WaterAid kiosk for just £5 which can be used for cold drinks at any of the festival’s smaller bars. The best part? You can take these cups home with you after the festival or return it and receive a full refund at any of the Information points!

So there we have it – some top tips to help you have a sustainable Glastonbury experience!

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