Three Ways you can Support Endangered Species Day from Home

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Endangered Species Day is almost upon us. On the third Friday of every May, the world comes together to celebrate, learn, and take action to help threatened species and their precious habitats.

It’s time to stop ignoring the elephant in the room! Some of our planet’s most beautiful creatures are at risk of ceasing to exist, including the tiger, blue whale, and, yes, the elephant.

On May 19, do your bit to raise awareness to keep these species alive and thriving. Considering human activity is largely responsible for jeopardizing their existence, it’s the least we can do…

But where to start? Fortunately, Oceans have put together some powerful support strategies that you can explore from the comfort of your home. Who knew you could actually help change the world from your sofa?

One: Celebrate

One simple way to support Endangered Species Day is to celebrate and appreciate the animals at risk.

Those currently on our endangered species list aren’t animals we’d typically come across daily, which is why we should be wary of an out-of-sight-out-of-mind attitude, whether conscious or subconscious.

According to WWF, there are over 60 animals at risk; their conservation statuses range from vulnerable to critically endangered. This list includes:
• Giant panda
• Mountain gorilla
• Snow leopard
• Leatherback sea turtle
• Rhinoceros
• Wolf
• Fin whale
• Chimpanzee
• Humpback whale

Sure, these species might not show up in the list of common household pets, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still care about their existence.

Celebrate on May 19 by arranging a hike (don’t expect to spot a Saola, but it’s still an activity worth sorting, or take a trip to the local science centre, or watch a documentary about endangered species.

Two: Learn

Like we’re told at Christmas, it’s not “give to receive (life)”, but a little research would uncover that these species are, in fact, huge contributors to society.

We should be working hard to protect them regardless, but learning about all the ways they help the planet should make us even more determined.

This Endangered Species Day, take the time to read up on each animal. Grasp an understanding of their habitats, fun facts, population, and the role they play in helping the earth thrive.

For example, the top predatory status of the tiger means they maintain the harmony of the planet’s ecosystems, and the existence of whales provides at least half of the oxygen we breathe.

Did you know rhinos maintain the African grass and woodlands that countless other species depend on?

There’s so much information you can tap into to better understand why these endangered species are so crucial to our own survival. They all supply a piece of the beautiful, complicated jigsaw puzzle that makes up the planet.

Three: Act

Perhaps the most important part of supporting Endangered Species Day… Act! Find areas of the cause that you can contribute to – whether that be with time, money, or a lifestyle change – and create a solid plan to see your ideas through.

There are countless wildlife charities that would hugely benefit from a monetary donation, including Born Free, WWF, and People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES).

Take things one step further by signing up to adopt an at-risk animal. Your small monthly donation can help fund crucial work to monitor your favourite species and protect their habitat. Plus, in exchange, you’ll typically receive a cuddly toy, regular updates, and a certificate.

No spare cash? No problem. You can still get involved by raising awareness across social media, volunteering your time to help improve your local wildlife area, and reducing your impact on the environment.

One simple yet effective way to help endangered marine animals is to buy plastic-free toilet paper from your friends here at Oceans. Our toilet paper is made from sustainably sourced materials and is completely plastic-free, and when you purchase Oceans we make a donation to the Marine Conservation Society, a registered UK charity fighting for seas full of life.

Not just on May 19, but every day

Endangered Species Day does well to draw attention to a critical issue that needs it desperately, but that’s not to say it should be the only day we should do anything about it.
Start celebrating, learning, and acting ahead of May 19, and keep doing it after too.

Human lives are not more important than the lives of animals. We need them just as much as they need us.

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