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Six Need-to-Know Kitchen Roll Hacks

a woman tears a sheet of paper off a kitchen roll.
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Kitchen roll is a staple of many households, and it’s easy to see why. It can be sustainable, and it has so many uses – from cleaning up spills to wiping down countertops – it’s hard to think of what life would be like without it. But are you using your kitchen roll to its full potential?

Keep reading to learn about some great uses for kitchen roll you might not have heard of before.

Alternate uses for kitchen towels

Here, we’ve researched some great uses for kitchen roll – but don’t just take our word for it. Try them at home and see if they work for you. And if they do, you can tell all your friends about your amazing new kitchen roll hacks!

How kitchen roll helps fresh produce last longer

Ever opened your salad bag to find your greens have wilted before you had a chance to use them? It’s a common problem caused by excess moisture in the bag – particularly at cold, refrigerated temperatures. So how can a paper towel help?

By wrapping your greens in kitchen roll – or simply placing a kitchen towel in the salad container – the excess moisture can be absorbed into the paper towel rather than into your greens. This should help to keep them crisper and fresher for longer, so you get to enjoy the crunch of a delicious, unwithered salad without having to throw half of it away.

Similarly, you can also use paper towels to extend the shelf life of fresh herbs. Just wrap them in a damp sheet of kitchen roll to stop them from drying out and you should be able to enjoy them for days past their expiration date.

Can kitchen towels keep bread fresh?

If you’re a fan of homemade bread, then you’ll probably know how fast bread can go stale – especially if it’s quite dry where you live. There are lots of things you can do to help it last longer, like using a bread bin or storing it cut-side down, but did you know that paper towels can also help?

Wrapping your loaf in paper towels can make a barrier between your bread and the air, keeping the moisture locked in. And if you’ve got bread that’s already gone stale, don’t throw it away. Try wrapping a slice in a moist paper towel and putting it in the microwave for ten seconds to freshen it up – you can get your bread soft and tasty again in no time.

How to grow cress on kitchen roll

If you haven’t done much gardening before, growing cress is an excellent way to get started – especially if you’re short on outdoor space, as it can be grown on a windowsill. Cress is a delicious leafy salad ingredient that anyone can grow, whether you’ve got green fingers or not. It’s a great project for kids and adults alike – so why not give it a go?

What you’ll need:

  • Cress seeds
  • Kitchen roll
  • A small container like a dish or shallow bowl
  • Water
  • A glass plate/bowl (optional)

To grow cress on your windowsill, start by covering your plate or dish with a layer of folded kitchen roll. Moisten it – you want it damp enough to provide water for the seeds but not so damp that they’re swimming. Then scatter the cress seeds over the kitchen roll and wait for them to grow.

The key thing to remember with cress is not to let it dry out. Covering it over with a glass plate or bowl can help to prevent evaporation while still letting the sunlight in. If you don’t have anything glass to hand, though, just keep an eye on the cress and re-dampen the kitchen roll every now and then so it doesn’t dry out.

How moist kitchen roll can improve microwave cooking

Microwaves are great for reheating food or quickly cooking veggies, but they can often leave your food rubbery and unappetising. Luckily, there’s a trick to getting much better results without having to resort to turning your oven on. Putting a moist paper towel in when you cook or reheat in the microwave can help the food keep its moisture content, giving it a nicer texture when it’s ready.

If you’re cooking vegetables, moisten your paper towel and wrap it around them, or put it in a dish on top of them if you prefer. For reheated meals, lay the moist paper towel on top of the dish to help it keep its quality. This can also help to keep your microwave clean and safe from splashes!

How kitchen roll can keep oil bottles grease-free

Cooking oil is an integral part of lots of dishes – and if you use it often, you’ve probably noticed how greasy the bottle can get. Drips run down the side, coat the bottom in grease and suddenly you’re leaving oily rings on your counters every time you cook.

Well, no more. Take a kitchen towel and wrap it around your oil bottle at around the same height as the label. Then use an elastic band to secure it in place. Now when you use your cooking oil, any drips should be soaked up by the paper towel, leaving your counters clean and grease-free. Replace the kitchen towel whenever it gets saturated and remember to put greasy used paper towels in the bin, not the recycling.

Can I use kitchen towel as a coffee filter?

Next time you run out of coffee filters when you’re desperate for a brew, try using a paper towel instead. It may seem unconventional, but kitchen towels can perform much the same function as a purpose-made coffee filter. Just form your sheet of kitchen roll into a cone and pour your coffee through it like you would with a regular coffee filter.

And tea-lovers, don’t feel left out. Just as you’d use a strainer to pour your loose-leaf tea, try it out with a kitchen towel instead.


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